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Disney Is Watching You

A few days ago I took a walk around my neighborhood and took some HDR photos of various interesting buildings, fountains and sculptures. I especially enjoyed this shot of the camera that is perched atop Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall. I wonder if that was part of the original plan?

The Watchful Eye

Either way I still dig the way that building looks

Disney Concert Hall and Sun

You can check the rest of the HDR Disney Concert Hall shots that I took here.


Big Brother will be watching you...

LAPD will be using more video cameras to patrol areas around Los Angeles after a successful trial in Macarthur park. [topix los angeles]


Total Information Awareness! AKA Big Brother is Watching!!!

The feds have some crazy idea in their minds that making a gigantic database of everyones information is a good idea. It's not. The feds can't even secure there own computers let alone a system with everybody's info on it... did i mention a convicted felon will be heading this project?