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Do your country / state / county / city a favor and VOTE! Request a paper ballot while you are at it and make sure your vote counts!


Register to vote!

Are you sure your voter registration is up to date? Are you planning to make sure your vote is counted by voting early with an absentee form?

JohnKerry.com has a new resource that helps you prepare voter registration forms or request an absentee voter ballot from your state.

This is an easy and fast way to make sure that you're registered and that your vote is counted. Absentee ballots-sometimes called early voting-are especially important since something could come up at the last minute that prevents you from voting on Election Day.

Please take a couple of minutes right now to get started with your voter registration and absentee ballot requests by clicking on the link below.

Click here to register to vote

Click here to request an absentee ballot

We all have to make sure our vote is protected on Election Day. Please get started today.