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Consumerist Lack of Photo Credit

After a night of throwing up thanks to food poisoning, I see this comment on one of my flickr images:

... it's also on this website: The Consumerist

Note that the Editor of that site has stated:

"Credit is more [trouble] than its worth because then we would have to deal with people bitching all day that we didn't spell their name correctly, or they want their name and not their Flickr ID and so on and so forth... when my time is better spent looking for the next post to write. The next post that will save you time or money, or reveal some corporate skulduggery or whatnot. What is the greater good? To use the best photo possible to illustrate the post and move on!"

For more info, see this help topic

When I first went to the page on Consumerist the photo didn't link to anything at all. It now links to my flickr page, which is better, but not what I want. I have emailed several people over at Consumerist and have yet to hear back from them, hopefully they will just add the photo credit I am asking for: Photo by Dave Bullock.

From what their editor posted on some other flickr photos I am guessing that they are not going to do this. My CC license specifically states that you are free to share and remix my images with the following caveat: "You may not use this work for commercial purposes." The problem here is that Consumerist is most certainly a commercial entity and they have not asked me permission to use the photo, which I would give them for the low low cost of a photo credit and link to my website. You can read more about the situation on this flickr thread, where a flickr staff member has gotten involved.

You can also digg the actual flickr help topic here. LAist had a similar problem with another Gawker property yesterday.

Update Looks like they have posted a public apology and promised to credit photos properly. Cool deal.

Update 2 My properly formatted photo credit is now up.


Photoflex Quality or Lack Thereof

I have recently begun putting together my portable studio lighting setup. I need portability and the ability to shoot in the field off the grid. I will expand more about this in a later post, but I am writing this to address the poor quality of Photoflex hardware. I ordered a Photoflex umbrella kit that included a reversible umbrella, stand and shoe mount flash clamp from Adorama. So far the umbrella and the stand have worked out, although were made in China and feel cheap as far as their fit and finish.

After the first kit arrived I made my way over to Samy's Camera on Fairfax and bought another umbrella and clamp, plus a stand, but not a Photoflex, I decided against buying another one of their stands and picked up a high quality Manfrotto Avenger Mini-Max. When I got home I set up everything and took a few shots and everything worked just fine. The next day I set it all back up and lo and behold I noticed that the screw that holds the umbrella into the clamp had stripped and would no longer hold the umbrella. The Photoflex umbrella clamp has metal threads for every screw except the one that hold the umbrella, which feeds directly into threaded plastic. It is not surprising that this stripped. I have vowed to never buy another piece of Photoflex equipment. I really shouldn't have bought any in the first place.

I took the clamp back to Samy's and although I didn't have the box or the receipt, the salesman looked me up in the system and gave me full credit for the item, after chiding me for throwing away my boxes. I normally never throw away boxes for anything that costs over $50, but I guess I should at least hold on to the boxes for the cheap stuff for a week or two. I used my credit towards a nice, high quality Manfrotto clamp, which is made out of aluminum, brass and steel. It looks and feels like a quality piece of equipment, and it is made in Italy.