Photos | The Keytar Returns to the Spotlight

The Keytar Returns to the Spotlight


A musician showcases the iconic keytar in this magazine feature, surrounded by electronic hardware and two monitors for enhanced performance.

BLIP-2 Description:

the keytar is back in the magazine

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Original Dimensions:

1362w x 1875h - (download 4k)
press  forehead  innovative  production  make  ax  type  wrapped  dots  don't  feature  pitch  play  musical  vast  categorise  tones  idea  mould  screen  definitely  remarkable  sentence  revealed  made  steinway  towards  filter  packs  news  bending  display  wise  year  strip  simple  sheets  sample  instrument  enormous  sing  options  biggest  comment  now  give  symbols  life  bar  string  fringe  a's  liberator  neat  represents  map  heading  fold  square  presets  spotted  five  vehicle  proves  wow  imperial  re  course  engage  included  demo  moog  spin  upon  punk  intuitively  keytars  good  software  skip  sound  namm  got  show  scrapping  veci  vocal  landfill  lets  accessible  strapping  price  tweaks  tear  stunning  roland's  real  edit  knobset  bank  perfectly  final  similar  set  result  esult  gives  strap  gear  text  alongside  soon  hardware  beasts  mint  obligatory  celebrating  superb  invented  chosen  chunk  fantom  looks  order  break  talkbox  favourite  keyboard  harder  monitor  meantime  polished  excited  spokesman  messy  listening  inside  dot  operation  roland  ports  sounds  weighted  v's  choir  style  tailored  vienna  really  advertisement  libraries  mercifully  thanks  demos  electroclash  spend  piano  volume  years  colouring  treatment  off  easy  specifically  computer  contain  rave  explain  arturia  wood  need  daft  eight  filled  cloud  synth  danny  around  usb  prices  pc  control  guitar  move  adequate  board  powered  lead  quickly  review  second  editor  want  electronics  bosendorfer  doom  amazing  think  demonstration  time  reveal  futuremusic  concept  small  buttons  powerful  newspaper  change  system  tricky  choice  poster  smaller  impressive  vsl  page  based  panel  invent  sold  minimoog  next  parts  us  button  takes  series  use  railway  like  built  battery  take  full  slapping  push  midi  back  greatly  proper  size  popular  hear  difficult  ribbon  together  patch  hen  put  controller  even  front  solo  modulation  expression  keytar  grip  ideal  first  told  poseur's  searing  one  possible  beneath  section  impossible  cosmic  impress  instant  preset  instruments  computer hardware  ripped  leads  thumbwheel  get  dialling  transportation  behind  co  spiraling  pointer  combined  praises  click  wouldn't  train  stuff  future  new  explosions  spoke  kink  aren't  place  turn  enjoyed  rechargables  instrument's  connection  double  browsers  go  many  wall  phenome  minor  rock  hanging  famous  way  tc  nu  music  nice  know  door  essentially  star  

Detected Text

02  09  11  12  2  256  4  7  8  a's  adequate  am  amazing  ax  all  arturia  bank  behind  break  based  battery  bending  beneath  bosendorfer  built  celebrating  choir  cloud  concept  chunk  co  combined  comment  connection  cosmic  demo  do  doom  door  down  daft  danny  demonstration  difficult  display  dot  enjoyed  explosions  easy  edit  editor  electroclash  even  famous  fold  future  fantom  feature  fringe  futuremusic  go  guitar  give  good  hen  hardware  hear  head  heading  i  imperial  impossible  in  inside  instruments  ideal  if  innovative  instrument's  invent  it's  keyboard  lets  life  looks  landfill  let's  liberator  map  may  messy  minor  moog  move  music  made  minimoog  mint  modulation  namm  news  o  obligatory  order  over  off  other  our  panel  parts  pc  pointer  popular  ports  production  punk  packs  piano  pitch  place  play  powered  powerful  push  rave  represents  rock  real  review  ribbon  roland  roland's  sample  section  size  skip  smaller  software  solo  square  star  strap  stunning  superb  synth  screen  sentence  series  show  simple  sing  small  so  spin  spoke  steinway  symbols  tc  there's  think  tricky  type  thanks  tones  turn  tweaks  us  usb  upon  v's  veci  vocal  volume  vast  vienna  w  way  we're  wise  wow  we'll  what  whether  which  years  yes  you'll  a  about  accessible  after  again  alongside  an  and  any  are  aren't  around  at  back  bar  be  beasts  been  before  biggest  board  browsers  but  button  buttons  by  can  categorise  change  choice  chosen  click  colouring  com  contain  control  controller  could  course  definitely  demos  dialling  don't  dots  double  during  e  eight  either  engage  enormous  essentially  esult  excited  explain  expression  favourite  filled  filter  final  first  five  for  forehead  from  front  full  further  gear  get  gives  got  greatly  grip  had  hanging  harder  has  have  how  idea  impress  impressive  included  instant  into  intuitively  invented  is  it  keytar  keytars  kink  knobset  know  lead  leads  libraries  like  listening  make  many  meantime  mercifully  midi  more  most  mould  neat  need  new  next  nice  not  now  nu  of  on  one  only  operation  options  or  out  patch  perfectly  phenome  polished  poseur's  possible  praises  preset  presets  press  price  prices  proper  proves  put  quickly  re  really  rechargables  remarkable  result  reveal  revealed  ripped  scrapping  searing  second  set  similar  slapping  sold  soon  sound  sounds  specifically  spend  spiraling  spokesman  spotted  strapping  string  strip  stuff  style  system  tailored  take  takes  talkbox  than  that  that's  the  their  there  these  they  they'd  they've  this  through  thumbwheel  time  to  together  told  too  towards  treatment  u  up  use  v2.0  vsl  wall  want  we  weighted  when  while  who  will  with  wood  would  wouldn't  wrapped  year  you  your  
* WARNING: The title and caption of this image were generated with AI (gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 from OpenAI) based on a BLIP-2 image-to-text labeling, tags, location, people and album metadata from the image and are potentially inaccurate, often hilariously so. If you'd like me to adjust anything, just reach out.