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photographer, director of engineering: crowdrise, photojournalist, hacker, nerd, geek, human



art show this Saturday, September 21 7-11 PM
2323 East Olympic Blvd. #7
Los Angeles, CA 90021

this is gonna be really cool... i'll be there.
213 - 629 - 1668


cacti for rrg setup

after setting up my secure snmp network i needed something to parse the data with. MRTG is too basic so i opted for rrg. I used the software package called cacti. It's very nice.


secure SNMP monitoring of IPFilter

i've been working on setting up a system of bridging ip-less packt filters with ipfilter (for logging, filtering, accounting, proxying, NAT) and ipfw (for bandwidth limiting). I also wanted to set up a private mointoring network with a thrid NIC in each box. Even though this link was privat I still wanted to keep everything on the wire encrypted.


welcom to the new journal section.

this section will replace my journal. enjoy the site. my old journal can be found here more inside...

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