Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

Crane Lifting Cargo onto the Library Tow Sha and Sculpture Guy Up Your Nose Reflections Shootdowntown Group Shot Metaphoto Shootdowntown Group Shot Metaphoto Shootdowntown Group Shot Google Map Cameras? THE PARKING IS NOT WOOH... FALL Brass Ornamentation Red Head Society Free Access... Sorry, Temporarily Out of Yellow Crash Protection High Security Fencing Surveillance Cameras Smiling Walker Random C3PO Head Bathing Pigeons Snacks Rusted Fence Hanging Gardens on Spring More Fake iPods Hats for Sale Batchelder Tile Shootdowntown Crew Batchelder Tile Pantages Arcade Audio Video Plaza Inc Classy Signage on the Arcade Building Fake iPod Mini : MP4 Fake iPod Shuffle Street Work Across from Shoe Hut Fiberglass Indian Styrofoam Cup in Pool of Urine Welding Inside a Garage