Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

about to whack it about to serve toss and catch ready mr. blue hat in the shade super ball player tank Mike Korbic PA camera 1 Mike Korbic Exploded Car Hanging Exploded car hanging in mid air Car bomb exploding Pyro Guy and explosives Iraqi Market Clouds Multicams Production people and multicams Iraqi Market arabic newspapers Iraqi market with crew Actors at the Iraqi market hanging at the market multicams and iraq market scene Multicams Multicam setup Iraqi Market Scene Iraqi Market scene Multicams Iraqi Yugo Intirayami Pollo A La Brasa alfajore Chicha morada bistek a lo pobre Parihuela pollo #2 combo Real non-gringo aji Causa Rellena Gringo Aji on a roll Maracuya Llamas!