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Canon Powershot SD550 Flash Problems

For xmas I bought both my fiance and myself a new point and shoot compact camera. I had previously owned a Sony DSC-T1 and I really liked it, but I really love my Canon EOS 20D so I picked up a pair of the SD550s. The camera takes wonderful photos, but when I take pictures of anything close and the flash fires the photo is totally overexposed. This shouldn't be a problem with a $500 digital camera, it certainly wasn't with the DSC-T1. I hope that Canon will come out with a firmware update to regulate the flash properly.

UPDATE Ok so after talking to a salesperson at Samy's Camera where I bought the camera and some experimentation I got the exposure working ok. I turned on Macro mode (even though I'm shooting from a couple feet away) and that helped and then I tried Manual mode with the metering set to center weighted and that fixed the problem. Also using the redeye reduction flash helps too.


iPhoto 6

Wow what a difference! Even with 14,000 images in my Library, the app is snappy and responsive unlike previous versions. The interface is much cleaner and the bug when deleting photos from large albums has been fixed. It will make uploading pictures a much more enjoyable activity which is a good thing if you want to see my photos.


Apple Might Mouse

I just got a mighty mouse and I love it. The scroll ball is tacitly pleasing and give a smooth clicking feel when you spin it, plus it scrolls both up and down and side to side. The right click is nice, but you have to activate it in the Keyboard and Mouse menu. I also like the side clicks. Good show apple!


Mawwige... Mawwige is what bwings us togeva today...

I love my sweetie pie! We finally set a date, July 9th 2006 at the New Otani garden! I am excited.


Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L AKA the Giant Chunk-o-Glass

I have been drooling over the extremely fast and slow focusing Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L lens, and a few days ago, I went to Samy's Camera and bought it. I really love the lens although I'm still getting used to the extremely shallow DOF that the gaping 1.2 f-stop creates. I also going to need to pick up a neutral density filter if I want to take daytime photos with a wide open aperture. Here are the three sets I have uploaded so far. I love this lens!


Photo Microscopy

I picked up a T-Mount adapter for my Canon EOS 20D and hooked it up to my microscope. The pictures didn't come out all that great, but I will keep trying. Although the chili powder shot looks pretty cool in an abstract kind of way.


Food and Fun Photos

Penelope and I ate at Kobe Ramen last night. It was ok, but I think we should have tried the noodles instead of random small dishes. In other news I have posted a bunch more photos from the last year that I have been hoarding: