Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

jacuzzi penelope running to stay warm blurnelope penelope in the dark outhouse arclight's outhouse penelope's eyes trash flower wildflowers - 1 wildflowers - 2 wildflowers - 3 wildflowers - 4 bristled wildflower thorny yellow wildflowers - 1 thorny yellow wildflowers - 2 thorny yellow wildflowers - 3 thorny yellow wildflowers - 4 thorny yellow wildflowers - 5 eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope eecue and penelope queeg queeg eecue and penelope eecue and penelope arclight's truck queeg queeg gathering from afar panorama pieces - 2 panorama pieces - 3 panorama pieces - 4 panorama pieces - 5 panorama pieces - 6 panorama pieces - 7 panorama pieces - 8 panorama pieces - 9 panorama pieces - 10 panorama pieces - 11 panorama pieces - 12 panorama pieces - 13 panorama pieces - 14 panorama pieces - 15 panorama pieces - 16 panorama pieces - 1 my bronco my bronco from afar the gathering he made it jeep over jeeping it jeep going over a huge rock jeep arclights priming the cannon the gathering diggers digging a fire pit digging a fire pit jimmy and doug jimmy and doug jimmy dale and doug billings heidi and doug doug jimmy dale jimmy dale jimmy dale more memories of don don's favorite beer frank metaphoto doug doug billings penelope metaphoto penelope jameson desert wildflower desert wildflower metaphoto metaphoto metaphoto arclight's bronco memorial setup memories of don of the desert wreath on a jeep olive branch wreath wreath wreath DSC07384.JPG DSC07383.JPG wt wt climber wt climbing the rock burnt stuff burnout burnt flea poop on a board see the people? chs flea metaphoto jim arclight and flea metaphoto penelope penelope and 23b crew pink wildflower desert wildflower memorial gathering jim and penelope jim and penelope lone rusty caster chair base the gathering the gathering more cars and the gathering cars the old runway the runway that is now a lake landscape gathering in don's memory the gathering the memorial gathering from afar jim and penelope jim and penelope jim proffitt wreath and desert my mother's wreath the podium and don's first jeep jeep best friend mom's wreath the wreath my mom made the podium flea and doug frank's family pescador and penelope penelope flowers flower flowers flower flower memories of don memorial caravan memorial caravan driving to the memorial flea's jeep