Dave Bullock / eecue

photographer, engineering leader, nerd

helictites helictites helictites peggy truitt helictites neat formations more helictites the litter rigged for a raise colorful fish pink and blue fish sea cucumbers sea cucumbers starfish tentacles sea anemone seagull two jelly fish glowing sea anemone sea urchin DSC00276.JPG 1 wilshire 14222.jpg 14223.jpg speedmaster 6 color press neon green lizard cathia walks out sweaty happy smiling eecue P1010058 P1010026 dead cow resting in the pancake room (after our nap we decided to do the exit with lights out, that was fun) fred squeezes penelope makes it though flower cave pearls penelope in the fairy pools if only they had time to fabricate that jaw feed... mill the mill conveyor to the mill pen on the way out up the vertical shaft (i see bees) penelope coming in to the mine penelope stands between my car and the tire that fell off praying mantis pen checking out the sd grotto eecue plays the harp middle entrace soda straws from directly below mystic cave upper entrance... normally this is the exit better shot of the helectites helectites form through capillary action beautiful helectites and a rodent's stash peace dove mine 5 peace dove mine 16 peace dove mine 9 frank metaphoto lehman and norman pro and a redirect shabu shabu mo ko bbq shinsengumi downtown los angeles new disney concert hall 10 bday wildflowers 14 bday wildflowers 10 penelope ready to snowshoe edamame extreme closeup oil refinery beautiful jellyfish sea cucumbers molten hard drives pouring clown metaphoto clown metaphoto canters losangeles

Flickr Exporter

So I recently signed up for flickr. I then created an export system where I can send selected images to my flickr page. Cool deal!