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Japan's says M$ in violation of Antimonopoly Act

The Japanese FTC announced today that Microsoft is in violation of their antimonopoly act due to clauses in their OEM license. [mac central]


Versign updating top-level DNS server to update every few minutes

Versign has updated their domain name servers to update more frequently. Now DNS changes should take a matter of minutes as opposed to 12 hours. [the register uk]


Mexican officials get the mark of the beast...

From [boing-boing] :

Dave sez: El Universal (Mexico City) is reporting that the Attorney General of Mexico, Rafael Macedo, had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to a new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he is ever abducted.

Bloomberg news added "about 160 Mexican officials will carry the microchip" and that "the chip can't be removed, but will be deactivated after Macedo's term as attorney general expires." Link


Bush plans cut down our forests

From the contracostatimes:

Bush plans to rescind forest rules
The Bush administration plans to scrap one of the most sweeping public lands initiatives of recent years by abandoning a rule that put nearly one-third of national forests off-limits to logging. [topix ca]

BOOO! shame on you GWB!


Californians turn up the head on Diebold

Californians are suing Diebold using a whistleblower law because the Diebold voting machines allow hackers and/or malicious Diebold campaign financing recipients to swing elections . [wired]


Once you go black...

Jaguar X-Type is giving away special edition black iPods... cool.[mac minute]


Terahertz light imaging

Terahertz light is now being used to image through metal and other materials without harmful xrays (but with harmful terahertz waves, haha) [gyre - military revolutions]


Clean out that space junk

Here is an interesting report about the current plans to clean up floating space junk. [gyre - military revolutions]


Bush's psuedo science horrifies researchers

Prominent scientific researchers who form the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are shocked and in awe at the errors in Bush's science. [the register uk]


Finally recovered from G4 laptop hard drive crash.

My laptop's hard drive died a nasty death, that started with slowing and freezing and ended up in complete and total data loss. Between those two stages i was able to back up my data. I am now catching up on the 900+ news items in NetNewsWire... i wonder if the same thing happened to boogah:

99 problems and an ibook is one
it would seem that the venerable ibook is acting up again.

over the weekend i've seen more beach balls than a lifeguard, which is odd because things were running okay on friday night. so i decided to repair permissions, run the periodic maintenance scripts, update the prebindings, boot into single user mode, run fsck and zap the pram. twice.

still, i can't have more than one app open without getting a beach ball every time i issue a command. ichat gives me a continual beach ball after ten minutes. itunes skips every time i play a song. my computer is absolutley unuseable.

every bit of diagnostics i've run says all my hardware is fine. the only option i seem to have at this point is to reinstall. bollocks. [gomi]


Zimbabwe reverting to beasts of burden for tranportation

According to this bbc article, Zimbabwe is reverting back to ancient time, citing the introduction of ox drawn ambulances as proof. [bbc world]


Send SMS from iChat / Address Book

This is pretty cool... you can send an sms message to any phone from iChat or Address book with this script.


Ron Reagan to Speak at Democratic National Convention

[from ATSNN] The 46 year old son of Ronald Reagan will speak at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this year. A move that has stunned many on the Republican side. Ron Reagan spoke with amazing reverence of his late father and has shown an amazing skill for the spoken word such as his father (Former President and Republican leader)